Multi-Isotope Low-Energy AMS

In a collaboration, Ionplus and ETH Zurich have developed a next generation multi-isotope AMS system at low energies: MILEA. Covering ¹⁰Be, ¹C, ²⁶Al, ⁴¹Ca, ¹²⁹I, U, Pu and other actinides, the new instrument combines the established accelerator and ion source technology of MICADAS with the well-proven concept of the high-energy spectrometer layout of the ETH “TANDY” instrument.

Ionplus MILEA
Ionplus MILEA
Ionplus MILEA
Ionplus MILEA
Ionplus MILEA
Ionplus MILEA
Ionplus MILEA
Ionplus MILEA
Ionplus MILEA
Ionplus MILEA

With a footprint of just 3.5 m x 7 m, the space requirements of this new AMS instrument are very low. The accelerator is based on the vacuum insulated MICADAS design, which has been upgraded to support up to 300 kV. The low energy spectrometer of the new instrument comprises an achromatic combination of a 90° electrostatic and magnetic defl ector. The layout of the high energy side is inspired by the “TANDY” spectrometer (90° magnetic, 120° electrostatic and 110° magnetic deflector). A quadrupole triplet after the accelerator unit provides similar ion optical conditions for all measured isotopes and facilitates tuning. A new, improved low-noise ΔE-Eres gas ionization chamber at the back end of the new multi-isotope AMS system provides outstanding separation and identification of interfering particles.


The MILEA prototype instrument built and tested in 2017 has shown excellent performance in all tested applications, similar to or exceeding the performance of its higher energy predecessor at ETH. In combination with the new Accelerator Control Software ACS, MILEA is currently not only the most compact but also the most user-friendly multi-isotope AMS system in the world. Contact us to learn more about the exciting possibilities with MILEA.



•   Isotopes: ¹⁰Be, ¹⁴C, ²⁶Al, ⁴¹Ca, ¹²⁹I U, Pu and other actinides

•   Fast switching between different isotopes

•   Optimized ion optics for all isotopes

•   Ion source can be equipped with a gas interface for radiocarbon samples

•   Fully automated gas measurements with GIS

•   Fast magazine changes for continuous measurements without breaking the vacuum or cooling down any part of the ion source

•   Low space requirements for a multi-isotope facility through very compact design

•   Vacuum insulated accelerator terminal without any moving parts,no SF needed

•   Minimal maintenance


•   Isotopes: ¹⁰Be, ¹⁴C, ²⁶Al, ⁴¹Ca, ¹²⁹I U, Pu and other actinides

•   Hybrid cesium negative sputter ion source for solid samples
    and CO gas

•   Random access sample changer with 40 positions

•   300 kV accelerator on a vacuum insulated high voltage platform
    with a low maintenance solid-state power supply

•   Helium stripping

•   High mass selectivity, abundance sensitivity of <5·10-13 for U

•   7 Faraday cups and integrators on the HE side covering the
    entire range of measured currents (1pA – 300μA)

•   High resolution ΔE-Eres gas ionization chamber with absorber
    cell and two parameter data acquisition

•   Height of beam line: 1.15 m for simple maintenance

•   Dimensions and weight: 3.5 m × 7 m x 2 m, 15’000 kg

•   No SF insulation gas needed



GIS and its peripherals (Elemental Analyzer EA, CHS 2, IRMS) make MICADAS and MILEA the most versatile ¹⁴C instruments on the market.

Find here a few examples of the coupling and measurement possibilities:




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