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Carbonate Handling System

CHS 2 is the second generation of our head-space sampling system for carbonates, DIC and liquid combustion samples. It is designed for efficient flushing, oxidizing/hydrolyzing and sampling from septum-sealed vials. CHS 2 combines a heater block for up to 64 samples, an adapted auto sampler, a water trap and an adjustable flow regulator.

The system is fully implemented in both the AGE 3 and GIS software. As a new feature, CHS 2 comes with a completely automated tool change between acid syringes and sampling needles. An optional water kit for DIC samples of up to 100 ml is also available. With the additional acid containers, an automated leaching, flushing and sampling is now possible without user intervention.

Ionplus CHS 2
Ionplus CHS 2
Ionplus CHS 2
Ionplus CHS 2
Ionplus CHS 2
Ionplus CHS 2


•  Fully automated fl ushing/acid addition/sampling (including tool changes) with AGE 3/GIS

•  Heater block (20–100 °C) for up to 64 Labco Exetainers® or 9 100 ml serum bottles

•  Heated acid containers for phosphoric acid, leaching acid and oxidant (20/40 ml borosilicate vials)

•  Integrated fl ow regulator with LCD readout and fl ow-alarm

•  Integrated water trap with increased capacity for water samples


•  Dimensions: 830 x 390 x 650 mm, 35 kg

•  Tray 1: 64 sample vials 4.5/12 ml

•  Tray 2: 9 sample vials 100 ml

•  Adjustable flow 0–300 ml/min

•  Adjustable temperature: room temperature to 100 °C

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