Accelerator Control Software

Ionplus’ Accelerator Control Software ACS is revolutionizing the operation of AMS systems.


Start MICADAS or MILEA with a scheduled wake-up task, let the instrument tune itself and run batches of samples in the most automated way. Workflows are easily saved to provide the user with the easiest, most reproducible AMS experience. Maintenance work is made easy through maintenance tasks, requiring minimum user interaction to shut down, vent or restart the system while guiding the user through the steps.


ACS runs on MICADAS or MILEA control computers and is accessed through a web GUI from any client with a common web browser. The sophisticated user management ensures secure and simple instrument control while logging all user actions and events.



•   With the new ACS task engine, MICADAS and MILEA are easily
    operated through predefined workflows. Running an AMS
    instrument has never been easier.

•   All system parameters are continuously recorded to monitor the
     system status. Every change to the system and every user
     interaction is logged to allow the best data quality and security.

•   ACS and the Lab Management Package LMP access the same 
    database so that sample information and measurement data are
    easily traced throughout the entire sample processing chain and

•   Maintenance tasks automate the shut-down and start-up steps and guide the user through the manual steps



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