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Lab Management Package

Ionplus offers a comprehensive package of hardware and software for the efficient handling of samples, sample preparation information, instrument control, measurements and ¹⁴C data reduction. Our Lab Management Package LMP enhances throughput, reliability and quality management of your ¹⁴C-AMS laboratory. Detailed information on every sample is recorded with the user’s sample information and measurement data. All this data is safely stored in a database, allowing fast access without the risks associated with file storage. While the LMP is most useful in conjunction with a MICADAS instrument, the sample management part of it can be operated with AGE 3 instruments or as standalone system e.g. for the management of customer data, sample information and preparation details or for data reduction. Contact us for a system tailored to your specific needs.

Ionplus LMP
Ionplus LMP
Ionplus LMP
Ionplus LMP


•  Ensures data integrity

•  Central data storage and backup

•  Lab-wide data sharing e.g. between sample preparation on AGE 3 and ¹⁴C measurement on MICADAS

•  Convenient user interface for standardized data input


•  Database and software suite for customer and sample
    information, lab processing information as well as
    measurement data

•  Label printer and bar-code reader for fast and efficient labeling
    of samples and logging of sample preparation steps

•  LMP and the Accelerator Control Software ACS access the same
    database so that sample information and measurement data are
    easily traced throughout the entire sample processing chain
    and measurement.

•  LMP works best with the data reduction tool BATS. BATS is a fast
    and reliable data reduction tool that allows the user to check and
    visualize the measurement data in real time and performs
    calibration of radiocarbon dates.

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