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Ferrum Dispenser

The iron dispenser FED dispenses a well-defined and reproducible amount of metal catalyst for AGE 3 systems and other graphitization lines. The fast and easy handling of FED saves time and its reproducibility provides the basis for high-precision ¹⁴C measurements. Manually operated and virtually wear-free, FED requires no additional equipment. Repeatability tests indicate that iron masses of typically 4–5 mg* are obtained readily and reliably with a variability of ± 2 %.


*The dispensed mass depends on the mesh size of the iron powder.

Ionplus FED
Ionplus FED
Ionplus FED


•  Reproducible dosing of iron or other metallic catalysts for graphitization reactions

•  Manually operated

•  Maintenance-free


•  Dispenses 4–5 mg of iron powder with a typical variation of ±2 %
   for a 325 mesh size

•  Dosing of iron in ca. 5 seconds per tube

•  Accepts any 8 mm O.D. culture tube

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