Gas Interface System

The Ionplus Gas Interface System GIS is the most versatile gas handling system for ¹⁴C-AMS measurements of CO. Direct measurements of CO are performed on ultra-small samples of 3 to 100 μg carbon with the GIS + MICADAS/MILEA coupling. Gas measurements are the ideal solution not only for small samples but also for all lower precision samples in screening and high throughput studies. Sample CO is mixed with helium and the mixture is continuously fed into the ion source of MICADAS/MILEA.

All functionalities of the instrument are software-controlled and fully automated for gas measurements without user interaction for 8 to 40 samples. Moreover, the coupling of virtually any CO-producing device is possible through the integrated zeolite trap.



•  Handles CO sample sizes between 3 and 100 μg carbon
•  Versatile couplings with an Elemental Analyzer EA, a carbonate
    system CHS 2 and an automated tube cracker (tube dimensions:
    4.0 mm O.D., length: 70–80 mm)
•  Online stable isotope information is obtained through a GIS +
    IRMS coupling
•  Fully automated measurements for up to 8 sealed tube samples 
    and up to 40 samples with EA or CHS 2
•  60–150 samples can be handled per day
•  4 auxiliary gas inlets for reference gases



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