Versatile Gas Measurements

GIS and its peripherals (Elemental Analyzer EA, CHS 2, IRMS) make MICADAS and MILEA the most versatile ¹⁴C instruments on the market. A few examples of the coupling and measurement possibilities:

• Measurement of virtually any volatile organic gas sample in glass ampoules
GIS’ built-in ampoule cracker not only allows the direct measurement of CO but also enables the measurement of freons, CO and a range of other compounds from sealed glass ampoules with GIS + MICADAS/MILEA.

• Dating of small carbonate samples 

Combine CHS 2 + GIS + MICADAS/MILEA for fully automated sample preparation (leaching, flushing, acidification) and measurement of small carbonate samples.

• Ultrafast screening of solid/liquid samples (biomedical/materials samples)
For the fastest ¹⁴C analysis in just 8 minutes per sample, run EA + GIS + MICADAS/MILEA in combination. Use the same coupling for more precise measurements by simply increasing the measurement time. To gain precise δ¹³C or δ¹⁵N information at the same time, add an IRMS instrument for online sample analysis (EA + IRMS + GIS + MICADAS/MILEA).


• Coupling to third-party CO-producing instruments
GIS + MICADAS/MILEA are compatible with any CO-producing instrument with just a few adaptations. Ask us about the coupling possibilities for your CO-producing device with GIS + MICADAS/MILEA.


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